Today there is a strong need to prevent potential liability as well as a need for positive public relations. Your business is unique, often with a higher then normal liability risk exposure. Thats why we are here for you.


Our management staff will assist you in determining the best medical coverage as well as being the most cost effective for your individual needs. We can help you evaluate your individual needs in order to provide you with professional, quality, and cost-effective, onsite care.


Our management staff has years of experience planning, coordinating, and staffing rescue medical teams for events ranging from private private corporate dinners and meetings to some of the largest events in Texas.


 For more information please call (817) 441-0911 or email us at INFO@NTEMS.COM

North Texas EMS

Event medical

Special Rates for all non-profit organization.

Please call or E-Mail 72 hours in advance to guarantee availability

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Our professional medical staff has been responsible for providing Emergency Medical Services for:


Texas Cross Country Racing Association

All Terrain Vehicle Cross Country Racing

Pro Bull Riding Association

Patrick Stephens Free Style Stunt Show

Weatherford Motocross